Monday, 8 July 2013

How Yoga Will Promote Weight Loss

If you are battling with weight gain or obesity due to unhealthy eating habits or lack of sufficient exercise, then yoga should be of interest to you. It is possible to lose weight as well as to relax by engaging in yoga. Yoga will strengthen your core, tone you up and increase your flexibility with the various poses, techniques and diets. Here is a look at a plethora of ways in which yoga can lead to weight loss.

Yogic poses (asanas)
These poses are geared towards fitting your health needs and age. A yoga instructor keeps in mind your health issues before prescribing certain yogic poses that may help you lose weight effectively. These asanas include sun salutation, shoulder stand, fish, wheel and bird poses, triangle poses among others. In addition, these poses help to check weight gain due to hormonal imbalance as well as allow the endocrine glands to run smoothly. The immune system is strengthened and indigestion and allergies are reduced by these yoga poses.

Yogic techniques
The Prana Shakti is a very effective and ancient method of balancing one's weight. This technique is void of physical movements but deals with the invocation of the life force called Prana through breath. The Prana converts into heat that burns fat and consequently weight loss. Mastering this technique takes only a few weeks of practice.

Yogic diets
Postures, poses and techniques work hand in hand with the yogic diets to lose weight
effectively. Healthy eating habits, detoxifying frequently and avoiding junk and sugary
foods, while eating a balanced yogic diet with lots of water intake are a must if you want to
lose weight. Yoga alters your taste of food naturally, without deprivation or any effort.
Yoga helps you to be in touch with your body and hence get to refrain from energy
draining foods or sugars. Yoga will help you eat in a healthy manner leading to weight loss
and consequently better health.

Positive mental attitude
Accepting that you have weight issues that need attention is the first step to the weight loss
journey. Changing your attitude towards exercise and healthy diets in relation to your
desired weight is of importance. Yoga allows for holistic thinking that integrates the whole
person. It requires the presence of the body, mind, spirit and heart to have a unified way
of living and a new positive attitude. This naturally controls your emotional, physical and
spiritual needs and hence you are able to say no to overfeeding, laziness and poor feeding
habits without strain and be on the path of losing weight.

Yoga motions
First timers who intend to lose weight should partake yoga but at small steps. Start small
and grow with practice until you can withstand intense activities or poses. The intensity
and aggressiveness of the superior yoga movements, act as workouts that lead to weight
loss but should be carried out with care and under an instructor. Certainly, yoga is one of the best ways to lose weight smartly and as a long term measure. You do not have to force your body to accept certain crash diets or hectic exercises but in the relaxing and meditative poses, techniques, diets, motions, and attitude change, weight loss is achievable.